I am Matthieu Oger, a developer and designer working for Pixelnest, a studio that I co-founded with Damien Mayance. We are crafting some delightful games and apps, like Steredenn.

This place is a way to express my thoughts and opinions on a broad range of subjects, including technology, design and development.

These opinions are mine, not those of my company.


You can find me on:

Dark Matter Industry

I put some of my designs on darkmatterindustry.com:

Dark Matter Industry

Unfortunately, I didn't take the time recently to make it exhaustive. Sorry!

About this blog

I built this blog with Jekyll and I host it on Github Pages. The code and design are purely mine, except for the beautiful icons created by Daniel Bruce — Entypo.

The layout is particularly optimized for mobiles and high density screens (read: retina displays).

If you want to follow me with your favorite feed reader, use this feed. You can also check it via twitter by following @solarsailerfeed.


Check out the Pixelnest Studio website to find up-to-date informations about my work.